About Maria D'Silva

International Egyptian Dance Artiste


Maria is a great testament to the art of bellydance with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the traditional Egyptian Dance. Emcompassing traditional folkloric styles,classical and modern bellydance.

Maria is recognised and accepted in Egypt and is respected for her high standards of performance and level of teaching from Egypt’s renowned choreographers Nagwa Fouad ,Farida Fahmy,Randa Kamel ,Raqia Hassan ,Zaza Hassan ,Shalaby ,Khaled Mahmoud …….

Maria has been the featured guest dancer for numerous Arabic Dance events in England, Scotland and Wales & abroad. ie.International Belly dance Congress + Competition Judge , Mosaic, Fantasia, Belly Dance Super Stars, Majma , Sopen ,Norfolk belly dance, Kasbah , Majma ,WADA ,Planet Egypt and also represented the U.K. at the International Festival Oriental Berlin . Maria has also appeared on television in the UK,Documentry ‘Fetna’ with International Arabic presenter Halla Diab & Turkish National television.

Teaching women the art of the dance for levels from the beginner to the professional dancer has enriched not only the student but raised the profile of the dance as a cultural art form. Maria is known for her clarity in her teaching techniques, approachability and her openness and is a highly respected teacher amongst the dance community.

Master Teacher, Choreographer & Judge in the Art of Egyptian Dance